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American Radio Association Membership Requirements

1600 Rabke Rd.
Canton Georgia, 30114
404 448-1564
  • Kelly Anderson – President
  • Barry Basel – Vice President
  • Cliff Walker – Secretary-Treasurer
    National Council Members at Large
  • Vince Marshall
  • David Inman
  • Richard Wolcott
  • Eric Weber
Revision 04/19/2017


To Whom It May Concern:

Interested persons may be registered for assignment aboard American Radio Association - ILWU, AFL-CIO contracted vessels upon completion of the following requirements and payment of the registration fee:
  1. 70 hour USCG approved GMDSS Operator training Cert.
  2. Merchant Marines Certificate ( MMC )
  3. FCC GMDSS Operator/Maintainer Licenses.
  4. FCC Ship’s Radar Endorsement to any of the above licenses.
  5. USCG Radio Officers or an Electro-Technical Officers endorsement.
  6. An STCW (BT) endorsement.
  7. VPDSD endorsement on MMC.
  8. Valid STCW Medical certificate.
  9. TWIC – Transportation Worker Identification Card
  10. Valid U.S. Passport (citizenship required)
  11. DOT Drug Free Certificate currently valid (preferably issued by ARA Plans Drug Testing Program).
  12. Employment resume for the past 5 years. With emphasis on electronics and Information technology
Upon submitting all required documents, a completed application and payment of the 1st quarter’s registration fee ($325), an Applicant is eligible for registration on the shipping list. Initiation fee ($4,570.81) may be paid in 4 payments deducted from your vacation payment. Dues ($325.00) for subsequent quarters are payable after completion of the first assignment in accordance with the ARA Constitution and may also be paid with deduction from vacation.